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Good Friday

Some Random Thoughts to Close Today:

- Good Friday and not drunk or high. It's nice to focus on the true meaning of this weekend, and not have to drink through it. I don't believe God would want that for any of us, anyway. - We don't have to medicate to enjoy life. We don't have to medicate to make it through, either, although sometimes we think we need to, and even joke about it. It's really quite sad. - I used to be sure we had enough booze for the weekend, to get through. And hoped we would have some drugs, too, for the night, and for the weekend. But it's so unbelievably different now, and I can't even imagine that, today. I can't imagine driving that particular nail into Christ today. - We all have a part of what took place 2000 years ago. And we still do, today. - I have experienced first-hand the power of prayer twice in my life that I can see. The first time was when I was prayed on, and the obsession for alcohol and drugs was lifted. That same time is when I truly accepted Christ into my life. The second time was last night. I don't want to get into detail at this time, but a powerful prayer was said over me by our pastor. Today was different, and even further, so different than yesterday. Not 100%, but much better! I am so grateful. - Even though our pastor and I don't always agree or see eye to eye, he has this amazing gift for helping those who are crushed in spirit. And even though we don't always see eye to eye, we get along. We can work through some things, and we get along and even have fun. - Pain is the touchstone for spiritual growth. - Christ is so beautiful. The cross is beautiful to many of us today, but back in it's time, it was despised. It symbolized scorn and shame. It can still be remembered as that way today, to remember where things were, vs. where they are today. - Remember that Easter was given to us as a sign of life. So that we may have life here on earth for this short time, and then eternal life, after. Be kind to yourself, and love one another as He has loved us.

For God gave us His son so that we may live that way here on earth, and then in the life, ever after, always.

There's the Good News, right there. What a Gift.

Enjoy tonight, and may God's peace surround and keep you as you drift to sleep tonight.

Bella and I had a good day together. She’s doing well, overall. Her hearing appears to be getting a bit less, but she is still on the move. The warmer temps are harder on her, but we just adjust to it. I’m so touched to have the connection with her that I have.

Photo was taken this morning in Jim Thorpe, PA Please contact me for prints or for use of the photo. Feel free to share, and enjoy!

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