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If Someone Hurt You...

There will most likely be someone in your life at some point who has wronged you or hurt you.

Even when you tell them, they may not own up to it, they may make excuses, and may not apologize... no "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to hurt your (or realize I hurt you)", or not even just an "I'm sorry".

Rationalizing and explaining from them becomes more about them, than the fact that they hurt you.

What I've learned that is if you carry that anger or hurt around, you will continue to be a victim of their actions; they will continue to have power over your well-being.

It's like drinking poison and hoping for or expecting the other person to die.

• Forgive them, but depending on circumstances, don't put yourself in the same position.

• Pray for them and wish them the best to yourself.

• Remember that in the end, you will have to stand in front of our Creator, as will they.

Don't let the devil steal your joy. Remember to keep the focus on Christ, stay in the Word, and that he's got you and your situation, as he does theirs.

And remember, when you find yourself doing the same with someone who feels you wronged them, maybe it's something to take a look at, and even apologize.

It really does make things much better, things can possibly be discussed after, and in that, we are peacemakers.

Either way, in this case, we can apologize, but can't help how another responds.

We can tell someone they've wronged us, and can't help how they respond.

Blessed are the peacemakers.

Our ways are not the ways of the world. And there's peace in that.

Enjoy your night, and may you find rest and peace in God's loving care.

This photo was taken at sunset at Mauch Chunk Lake in Jim Thorpe.

I'm also a photographer, and if you're interested in prints or for use of the photo, please contact me, and thank you!

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