• Desha

Longing for Simplicity...

Many of us long for simplicity, deep down. We long it in our minds, our bodies, and in the world around us.

We tend to overthink, overspend, and feel we need to keep up everything in the world around us.

It is so damaging to our minds, bodies, and our souls. It keeps us trapped in this imaginary image we have. It makes us feel lost, instead of being who we really are at the core. It becomes about what's around us, vs. what is IN us.

Things in this world can be so simple, if we allow it.

There is so much simplicity to be seen and felt out there- a leaf on the ground, the laughter of a child, downsizing, maintaining needs, verses all the wants... and even the Gospel is simple.

These things are so simple, but simply profound. There's so much to learn through simplicity.

How can you simplify today- your thoughts, your actions, or your life and surroundings?

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