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Perfectionism is for the Birds...

There was a time where I was a perfectionist, and was a perfectionist to a fault. It ran my life. It dictated my time. It dictated my actions, and everything in-between. I remember doing my hair and if I felt as if one or two strands or a few bunches were out of place, I'd keep spraying and combing until I felt it was right. Sometimes I'd have so much hairspray in my hair that I'd wash it again and start all over. It would take me an hour just to figure out what to wear because I felt broad or fat in my clothes, so I had to get it "just right" for where I was in the moment. If I didn't feel "it" would be perfect, I wouldn't do "it" at all. Perfectionism is such an illusion, and it's given but the standards of this world of ours, and given by others. Sometimes others' standards are impossible to live up to, and we keep trying thinking we aren't good enough, and feel less than, and it creates a self-consciousness in ourselves that is so detrimental, it can paralyze us. The things that used to dictate my life and stop me from doing things are much better and even gone in some area. Those things don't control me as they once did. Things don't need to be perfect, because in reality, they never will be. Sometimes we place our own standards so high, that we sabotage anything we may have going for us. Who cares what others think. Who cares even what YOU may think (in a healthy way). Sometimes we just gotta step out, share what we can, with what we have, and where we are. Sobriety isn't perfection. Faith isn't perfection on our part. But it's about trusting that everything is perfect as is, and if it's not, it will be made perfect in its time. And in God's time. Christ is perfect, and his standards are way beyond anything we can achieve on our own, but in Him, we are perfect already. Nothing else needs to be said. We can just strive to be more like him, even with our faults and "hypocrisies". We are works in progress. Don't let that stop you from doing what you are being called to do in life. Being sober is part of what I'm being called to do. Trusting in God is part of what I'm being called to do. Photographing and sharing is part of being what I'm called to do. Helping others and being of service is part of what I'm being called to do. Taking care of Bella was (and is) part of what I'm being called to do. Sharing God is part of that, too. We just have to do things that may feel uncomfortable, and it won't be perfect. Get that out of your head, and trust in the process. We already know the ending- Heaven/Eternity- so just walk softly and gently and with love, and move into the life that is waiting for you, with confidence. If not confidence in yourself, confidence in God. Trust God. Clean house. And help others. Not too shabby. I saw these beautiful wood ducks flying and tried my best to capture them. They are still a bit blurry, but I will not let that stop me from continuing to try my wildlife shots, and it won't stop me from sharing what I captured. It's part of the art of photography. It's part of my own growth out of perfectionism, and maintaining that mindset. It's letting go of the ego and sharing anyway. Would I like them to be crystal clear? Yep. Did I get frustrated a bit? Yep. But once I took a step back, I realized it wasn't as big of a deal as I made it out to be, and I was just happy to have captured these two beauties in flight. I hope you enjoy, and may you have peace as you go about your day! Photos: www.deshaphotos.online

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