• Desha

Rain and the Mind...

Updated: Sep 3, 2020

It's raining here in the Northeast PA area this morning. I loved lying in bed listening to it. It's soothing. It's peaceful. It reminds me to rest... my body, and even more-so, my mind. Sometimes we can let our minds spin and spin, and not even realize it, right? We start to focus on all the stuff we "have to do", all the stuff we did that we wish we could change, and all the stuff that is happening in the world. It can create anxiety, depression, and irrational behaviors. In that, we lose the focus in our lives and the lives and well-being of others, and even more-so, we lose the focus on God. When all of this external stuff is going on, we have to remember to take a look on the inside, and remember to empty out ourselves to hear and see God in it all. It helps to also be of service to others, and we can be of service in all we do. We know that there's a lot going on, and our lives are so busy. But take the time to listen, rest, and be present. As God to show you where you can help another; make a call, hold a door, etc... no matter what another's action or reaction is or is not. Let the rain remind you to rest your mind, empty it out, and just be present with God. Living water.... Grace like rain, falling down on me. On us. On our world.

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