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Slowing Down...

Sometimes we need to slow down, take a rest, and take in the softness of the world and what is around us. We can run ourselves ragged, and not take care of the things that we need to. We can let things go, and in turn, it starts to mess with our heads. Take a breather. Set time aside for you, and prioritize the true needs at that moment. Make a list, and see what needs to be done first.

Take in the sound of that rain out there... truly listen to it, and breathe with it. Listen to the water in a river, the ocean, a small creek... and do the same. Watch the clouds slowly move gracefully across the sky, as they change form. Watch a tree blowing gently in the breeze, or a flower that stands so delicately.

Look for softness. You will find it. And it will become a part of you.

Sunrise at Rexhame Beach in Marshfield, MA Please contact me for prints or for use of the photo. Print size is 20x10.

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Bella is sleeping peacefully. She had her first round of her new food, and she ate it! We are not to give her anything else at this time... her treats are the kibble from the food. She is so peaceful now... watching her breathe. Sometimes she will look up at me and stare. I get on the floor with her and pet her softly, and she lays her head back down and closes her eyes. When your loved one looks at you for some love, you give it to them.

Rest peacefully, and may you feel God's love surround you as you drift to sleep.

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