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Some Random Mother's Day Thoughts to Close the Day:

Some Random Mother's Day Thoughts to Close the Day:

- Grateful for the time with my girl today. - Grateful for my mom, and all she's done over the years, and all that she's truly had to endure in her own life, how she worked her way to a better life for us, literally from almost nothing... and for all she's sacrificed. She didn't have it easy on so many levels. As I got older, my behaviours didn't help, either. - My mom used to go to bed with her water in one hand, and the phone in the other, not knowing if she'd get "that call". Thank goodness we are not living that way, anymore. - Addiction really does affect the family, as so many of us know. - I know there are moms out there that aren't as fortunate to celebrate with their loved ones, because they are no longer with us. Please know that you are loved, and not alone. - A different direction in life is in the works. I am so looking forward to it, and being of service to others in this way. - Sometimes our emotions can get the best of us. Sometimes it happens at a specific time, and because of that particular time, place, or person (or all 3), we have an awakening... and change takes place through that awareness and working our way through what caused that particular time to occur, and get to the root cause of it. It's almost like a weight was lifted, and we can almost be a different person in that area in our life. - Whatever you do, come from a place of love. I've been so guilty of forgetting to do that at times, but part of my recent awakening brought me to another level of this, and it's becoming more the norm (I hope). It can take time until something becomes a part of us. But if we keep trying, letting go, and continue to be open, change can take place. Come from a place of love.

Photo is a panned shot from Rexhame Beach last night. I love the softness, and abstractness of it, along with the beauty of the colors. I hope you enjoy.

Bella had a lazier day today. It was harder to get out with the rain, but we managed a bit. But a good day of rest is never in vain.

We hope your evening is peaceful and restful, and know that you are loved more than you could ever imagine.

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