• Desha

There is Beauty in the Broken

Abandoned is beautiful in its brokenness.

I have always loved this little abandoned church. I have numerous pictures of it.

I love how it still sits tall in it's abandonment. It can say so much to us, if we truly let it. If there are no words for it, or from it, the feeling is still there.

I love how the flowers, grass, vines and weeds still grow around it, the sky is blue, even though it's deteriorating. It still sits confidently no matter the season, no matter what the weather. Its presence cannot be ignored as you drive by, because of its placement on the earth.

Abandoned is truly beautiful in its brokenness. There is so much on the outside, and so much more on the inside that cannot always be seen, but felt. It's daunting, hurting, deteriorating daily, but yet strong and confident in its own way. It doesn't overthink about its future, but shows what it can be in the moment, waiting for someone to hear its message.

And it has a message. Just as we all do.

Please contact me for prints or for use of the photo. Feel free to share, and enjoy!

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