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Your Passion can become Your Purpose

Is there something you are passionate about? Is there a fire, or even a little spark inside of you that is waiting to be set ablaze?

Some of you know that I'm also a scenic/landscape photographer. A long time ago, when I just started posting pictures here on Facebook (taken with my pink point-and-shoot Kodak EasyShare), someone made the comment to me that I was posting them to hear the oooo's and aaaaahh's from other people. They interpreted it as feeding my ego, which recovery in life is about taming the ego, so I understand where this person was coming from, but I also didn't feel it was the reason, and KNEW that it wasn't. I remember getting ready to post my next photo here, and I had such a hard time hitting that "post" button to put it up, I almost didn't. But in that moment of "I don't care", I hit the button and put up the picture.

I remember talking with a pastor after about this all, trying to make some sense of it. He told me that God puts the desires in our hearts. Aaaaaahhh, now THAT made sense to me. It was a fire I couldn't explain, not coming from ME! I knew it was something that I HAD to do in life, and knew it was a part of my purpose. I don't have to understand the entirety of the purpose, but if I go with it, the purpose will be served.Those few words from my pastor took such a weight off of my shoulders, and I was able to joyfully photograph and post God's beauty.What is inside of you that is waiting to be brought out in you? What is sitting on the back burner waiting for you to bring it forward, and ignite it with a little help?Only you can answer that, but let me tell you, holding it back won't help you mentally, physically, emotionally, or spiritually.In letting out that passion, you will be free, and in doing so, more of your purpose will be served.

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